SugarCRM: Value Added CRM Solution

SugarCRM is engaging, immersive and intuitive. This CRM solution fuses simplicity, social apps and mobility with the customization of conventional CRM. It is comprehensive solution complete CRM solution that automates core sales, marketing processes and customer service with focus upon individuals. The benefit of powerful functionality makes it a primary choice of experienced CRM experts. New user interface simplifies the finding of customer information. The features that contribute in its growing popularity include: Fast Performance, Mobile Versatility, Insightful Forecasting, Email Integration and Smart eCommerce.

CRM solutions by Advanz Knowledge Systems address the versatile need for flexible management system to help the groups of professionals working together for common goal in ever changing conditions. Since our inception, we have earned special trade repute for offering search engines friendly services for CRM Integration with ERP, cross browser support, CRM customization for new look and feel, Cloud CRM, data migration, data protection, CRM training practices etc.

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