BPM Workflow


BPM Workflow

Business Process Management (BPM) is a practice that enables the businesses to align various operations with organizational objectives and goals. Customized BPM solution helps to overcome the functional complexities enabling the business managers to improve the quality of products and services offered to stakeholders, customers and involved professionals. Industry leaders are realizing the power of BPM solutions to automate the business processes for improved productivity and profitability. With global exposure to variety of business verticals, we at Advanz Knowledge Systems can create flexible BPM process tailored to particular business needs.

ProcessMaker: Open Source BPM platform

ProcessMaker is cost effective business process management program with extensive tool box allowing the organizations to automate various document intensive and approval based processes across the departments. Business owners and process managers with no or very little programming experience can manage workflows. It delivers the apparent benefits including radically reduced paperwork, optimized use of resources and improved business outcomes. ProcessMaker can interact with other existing applications such as business intelligence, CMS, CRM, document management and ERP etc. It is compatible to MySQL, Oracle and SQL etc. It is the most preferred BPM-workflow platform because of its enriched features:

Our ProcessMaker BPM workflow solutions are tested for zero risk level before suggesting to our clients. We specialize in implementing ProcessMaker solutions that help the organizations to achieve better return on investments. We have wide experience for optimized Workflow application and BPM suite development; so, we can ensure the improvements. We have in-house team of BPM experts to leverage the benefits up to the next level. Our Transition BPM service support helps you to move from design stage to production stage without any hitch. And, going a step further, we assist you deploy suggested BPM application successfully until you have 100% satisfaction of choosing right BPM – workflow partner.

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