Cloud Service


Cloud Service

In the business environment driven by micro and macro economic pressures, business scalability and agility are the key factors to register recognized success. Everyone is trying the new methodologies to spread the awareness about the business activities, cut short the operational cost and to reduce the management/scaling/supervision cost but tough competition makes this task a serious challenge. Cloud computing is gaining wide scale acceptance in the business communities because it lets the users to access the similar applications through internet. Cloud computing is an advanced and reliable computing system based upon the internet.

Cloud computing delivers the power of cloud technology at your fingertips besides delivering the advantage of unique features like: Flexibility; Complex disaster recovery; Automatic software updates; less Capital expenditure free; Increases collaboration; Improves productivity; Document control; Security; Environmentally friendly etc.

We, Advanz Knowledge Systems, are uniquely positioned as front-runners in cloud services providers’ space. We have proven expertise, robust cloud infrastructure, well managed service support and the ability to customize the solution as per particular set of identified needs.

We build superior solutions that take the complexity out of ‘cloud.’ Our IT-friendly cloud services, designed to run complexities, are easy-to use, secure, fast and high-performing. Our experienced cloud experts engage the clients to examine particular business needs. Our Cloud solutions and support services are tailored to meet the identified, agreed and focused requirements to deliver early Cloud benefits like agility, scalability, flexibility, robustness and a secure environment. We know that diversity leads the difference in requirements; so, we offer range of services to leverage the benefits of Cloud technology:

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